Theme groups

Theme group youth

Theme group youth takes advantage of the results and methods used in projects funded by the ESF, which works to make it easier for young people to find their way onto the labour market.

The theme group wants to influence participating organizations based on the knowledge generated in the theme group. Shortcomings at a system level will be sent on to the government, parliament and other relevant actors. The goal is to improve the quality of the efforts young people encounter irrespective of whether it relates to in-service training or their employability.


Theme integration in working life

Theme group integration in working life will analyse the results and activities from the ESF project in Programme area 2, "Increased labour supply", and from other relevant projects, for example in the regional development fund. The mandate includes a specific focus on the target groups: newcomers, people of foreign descent, the long-term sick and the disabled people. Based on our analyses, we want to:

  • ensure effective dissemination of knowledge at policy level and/or directly to the players the results are intended for
  • identify and establish new and important development and research areas
  • participate in an international exchange of knowledge
  • provide the ESF Council with a basis for future announcements.


Thematic group on equality

Thematic group on equality works to give everyone the same rights and opportunities in working life - regardless of gender, ethnicity, creed, disability, sexual orientation, transgender identity or age. Our mission is to make knowledge from thousands of projects, mainly within the European Social Fund, useful to others.


Theme group entrepreneurship

Theme group entrepreneurship will develop and disseminate knowledge about how entrepreneurship can counteract alienation on the labour market based on the experiences gained within Social Fund projects.

The project will also prepare proposals for measures to improve the structures that facilitate people's entry or return to working life.